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I am a high-anxiety patient with terrible oral issues. Julie has been beyond amazing. She is kind, gentle, patient and has let me keep my dignity. Dr. Lam is kind, confident, respectful and professional. The entire office staff is equally wonderful. I will tell anyone who will listen to go to Dr. Lam.


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Dr. Lam is an expert in all aspects of dentistry. For me, that is TMJ, malocclusion, repair or replacement of broken teeth, and reconstruction of my entire mouth. Her staff is amazing, too: Terri, Sinthia, Sherry, and Dental Assistant Melanie, the best DA who has ever worked on me! This team is the reason I drive from Dallas (my home) to Houston for dental work.

Dorothy Kite-Powell

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“I was very nervous about my teeth due to my irresponsible actions I have and feared of painful session, but my fear seemed to fade when I came into the warm feeling of the office. Nothing but smiles and friendly conversations really eased my aniexty about the dentist office. This is now my permanent office. Thank you to all the members of this wonderful office.”

Jacob Cantu

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“I want to commend Dr. Lam and her staff for the rigorous steps they are taking to keep patients and staff healthy during the pandemic. Procedures and protective gear are in place and everyone is conscientiously following the protocols. I was impressed.”

Alice Brink

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Dr Alice Lam and her staff are absolutely the best! They do fabulous work and always keep the patients best outcome as their top goal!

Rod Barnes

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“As usual, Dr. Lam and team did a great job when I had some fillings replaced at my last visit!

John Karotkin

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Integrative Health Journey

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Paul is a national Microsoft superstar! He has been suffering from daily headaches and neck pains for the last 8 years. We got him out of pain today and witnessed the most amazing transformation in him! It’s patients like this that keep us working hard and inspired to do what we do everyday. Thank you Paul! Here’s a glimpse of his experience


New technology makes getting numb much easier in a dental office…see it here!

Dental Vibe

THIS HERE is why we do what we do. This sweet angel came to us with lock jaw, completely unable to sing because she could barely open her mouth. She faithfully and humbly tended to her therapy, which included no singing, and as of today….well, just listen. Congratulations sweet Sarah!! Now go sing your story girl, we love you and are SO PROUD!!! Remember us when you’re a big star!! #purpose #praising