Occlusal Bite Rehabilitation

Many things can interfere with your ability to bite down comfortably. Whether it’s the fillings, crowns or bridge work you have in your mouth or you are just having issues with biting down in alignment, you may find that malocclusion causes issues with pain, sensitivity and discomfort. This is why an occlusal adjustment is recommended if you want a more uniform bite. 

What is Occlusal Bite Rehabilitation?

An occlusal bit rehabilitation is done when you are having issues biting down in alignment. This can cause pain to one or more areas of the mouth as well as prevent you from being able to eat normally. Malocclusion can also be frustrating because you may feel your smile is “off” and doesn’t close properly. 

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Dr Alice Lam has my highest recommendation. I went in for a routine dental visit and Dr Lam took the time to ask how I was doing overall, not just my teeth. Well, I was having some severe chronic pain issues unrelated (i thought) to my dental health and she listened to me. She's working with me to stabilize my bite and restore my body to a neutral position, and I'm already experiencing great results from it- my whole body, not just my teeth/jaw! I'm so thankful to have hope again and the possibility to live a life free from chronic pain. For me this is a miracle and Dr Lam is an angel. Thank you for your patience and kindness - it is so rare in today's hectic world.

Susan Rachal

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What to Expect with Occlusal Bite Rehabilitation?

The procedure for occlusal adjustment is done easily and relatively quickly in the office. A thin piece of paper covered in a colored powder is used to check for signs of malocclusion. In areas where the paper is able to hit and transfer its powder, the dentist will file the area down for a more comfortable bite. 

What Might Cause Issues with Malocclusion?

Some of the main reasons you’d have issues with malocclusion include: 

  • Uneven fillings
  • Crowns and bridge work that have shifted
  • Uneven teeth that don’t bite down correctly
  • Areas where extractions have been done or teeth are missing

If you are interested in an occlusal bite rehabilitation, contact us today! 

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Dental Exam and X-ray

How is Our Approach Different?

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